Success in the Intellectual Property Services industry goes far beyond just being good at what one does. It's also about people skills: leadership, communication, trust and common purpose...

A group of individuals whose synergy and prowess
generate levels of production and precision
far greater than the sum of their individual parts.

It is with great pride that we share endorsements which clients & associates - past and present - have graciously allowed us to publish on their behalf:

John Conroy (Attorney, Fish & Richardson P.C.): Please see attached.

Tim Donoughue (Intellectual Property Senior Counsel at Baker Hughes): "I worked with Viola for several years in this larger-firm environment [Winstead P.C.]. Her firm is professional, detail-oriented, and knows their patent stuff. Extremely responsible and responsive. I have every confidence in her and her staff."

Ross Spencer Garsson (Partner, Greenberg Traurig, LLP): "I have worked with Viola continuously for the past 15 plus years. Throughout that time, she has proven to be priceless. Viola has handled patent and trademark paralegal matters (domestic and abroad) for me, and her breadth of knowledge in these areas is amazing. She completes all of her tasks at the highest levels and is always on time (usually much earlier). She also takes ownership of projects to insure that everything is properly and timely performed. Viola is also a joy to work with."

Janine Goodwin (Docketing Specialist/Supervisor, Fish & Richardson P.C.): "I was fortunate enough to work with Viola during her time at Fish & Richardson. Initially we worked together on a complex IP file transfer, where I found Viola to be knowledgeable, conscientious, and thorough. Later, we both worked with a foreign branch office, I as docketer and Viola helping coordinate the paralegals' workload. Once again, Viola was professional and helpful, a perfect "go-to" person who would track down the answers, if needed. She is definitely missed around here!"

Elizabeth R. Hall (Principal, Elizabeth R. Hall & Associates, P.C.): "In choosing a paralegal, I assessed five attributes that I considered essential in choosing a paralegal I could trust to assist in managing my practice. These five attributes are: attitude, integrity, depth of knowledge, efficiency and reliability. Over the last 15 years, Viola has surpassed my expectations in each of these areas. Viola always maintains a positive, can do attitude that is a joy to work with. Her efficiency and reliability ensure that my work is always done in a timely manner and her persistent attention to detail negates having to redo and/or correct filing errors. Finally, her depth of knowledge of patent, trademark, and copyright processes and statutes consistently save me time and money. The bottom line- she saves me time and money, keeps me out of trouble and allows me to avoid those embarrassing and difficult explanations to clients about mistakes in a file. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions."

Craig Steven Jepson (Of Counsel, Reed & Scardino LLP.): "Viola is the R&S IP paralegal. Her firm does trademark filings, patent filings, patent prosecution, corresponding with clients, docketing, and more. It is just as if IPParalegals worked on site with us. They are extraordinary, competent, knowledgeable, talented, and self-propelled. As our IP transactional practice continues to grow, I have come to appreciate her team's skills and dedication, as you will.

Kelly Kordzik (Partner, Matheson Keys & Kordzik PLLC): "Viola has performed paralegal services for me for over 15 years, and she is by far the best patent paralegal I have ever known. Over the years, I have relied upon her time after time to handle volumes of work, which she has performed with excellence and professionalism. Her knowledge is superlative, and I have always trusted her to get the job done, and get it done right."

Debi McClung (President & CEO, Progressive Global Technologies,Inc): “I have known Viola for many years through Ross Garsson. Viola goes out of her way to help make things happen. She has the real life experiences that make the difference.”

Bill Naifeh (Patent Attorney, Law Offices of Bill Naifeh): “I second all of Viola’s other recommendations. Her knowledge of patent law and patent law procedure is amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend her and wish her continued success in her business.”

Bernard Nutt (Patent Attorney, Pizzeys, Australia): "I have worked with Viola for the past 9 years, assisting her in obtaining patent protection in Australia for her clients. Viola has always been very professional in her approach, and is friendly and communicative. After many years of experience, Viola has a detailed knowledge of Australian practice and is well placed to help her clients in this jurisdiction."

Frank Peterreins (Managing Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C. Munich Office): Please see attached.

Tom Pruitt (Tom F. Pruitt PLLC): "Great success! Thank you for handling this complex PCT issue in a speedy, efficient manner. The "what you did" in this matter was exceptional ... far beyond excellent. I have worked over 38 years as a registered patent attorney with well over 100 patent paralegals - and you are among the best."

Luca Sutto (European Patent Attorney & Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C.): Please see attached.

Robert L. Villhard (CEO, The Villhard Patent Group) "In the first few months of contracting with IPParalegals they have proved to be an invaluable contribution to our practice. In an illustrative case, we were working for a highly visible, start-up, tech company with ground breaking technology. Being pre-series A funding, they were short on funds and, as a result, had numerous special requests associated with a multi-country PCT national-stage entry. In addition, they changed their national selections at the last moment. IPParalegals bent over backwards to comply with the client's requests and provided a turn-key solution with rapid responses to our changing instructions.

But, perhaps more importantly than winning us high-praise from this prestigious start-up (and cementing our new relationship with them), IPParalegals saved us incalculable unbillable time building and verifying our own international network of Foreign Associates, Translators, etc. In addition, IPParalegals demonstrated a command of the variations between the local laws, rules, procedures, etc. of many jurisdictions. We definitely plan on using IPParalegals for future projects."

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Intellectual Property Services