About IPParalegals

Bou-tique \bü-tēk\ n : a small company that offers highly specialized services.

IPParalegals is a bona fide boutique Intellectual Property prosecution paralegal services firm. Our nonlawyer professionals are specialists at providing IP and GP law firms, solo practitioners and corporate legal departments that prosecute patents, trademarks & copyrights with a critically adept paralegal capability.

Our goals and objectives are simple:

  • Meet our clients' needs for dependable IP prosecution outsourcing by providing personalized and exemplary contract paralegal and docketing services;
  • Meet our clients' needs for operational efficiency by accurately assessing and optimizing their prosecution infrastructure, their assets and their workflow;
  • Meet our clients' needs for non-lawyer professional education with IP prosecution focused and application-specific technical training and mentoring;
  • Exceed our clients' expectations for stable reliability, thoroughness, professionalism, security and confidentiality.
A road more traveled

IPParalegals began in May of 1985 as VMA Consulting, a pioneering IP services outsourcing firm founded in Santa Clara, California. With a front row seat to many astounding technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries during the 1980s, VMA Consulting's reputation grew for its technical prowess at prosecuting IP.

By 1992, demand for VMA's expertise increased to the extent where, after four years of due diligence and planning, VMA Consulting expanded into IPParalegals in 1996. We have been growing ever since, incorporating as a partnership in November of 2010 to become today's IPParalegals, Inc.

VMA Consulting to IPParalegals, Inc... past to present ... a quarter century of incredible IP prosecution history - and counting. Here is a small sampling of momentus events that played out during our formative years:

  • Introduction of the computer CD-ROM
  • Adobe releases PostScript
  • Soviet Union's Mir space station launches
  • The Human Genome Project begins
  • Microsoft's Windows computer operating system is born ...
  • ... followed by Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, 35 F.3d 1435
  • The first 1 megabit RAM chip is released
  • DNA fingerprinting is discovered
  • CERN's Tim Berners-Lee authors WorldWideWeb (Nexus) - the planet's first web browser ...

For decades our clients have entrusted us with stewardship of their most significant and complicated portfolios. We have earned their confidence through technical mastery, integrity and results. IPParalegals does not practice law, nor do we provide legal advice. We are simply here to make a difference for those who do.

Intellectual Property Services
Intellectual Property Services

"Viola is the R&S IP paralegal. Her firm does trademark filings, patent filings, patent prosecution, corresponding with clients, docketing, and more. It is just as if IPParalegals worked on site with us. They are extraordinary, competent, knowledgeable, talented and self-propelled. As our IP transactional practice continues to grow, I have come to appreciate her team's skills and dedication, as you will."

Craig Steven Jepson
(Of Counsel, Reed & Scardino LLP.