All the right stuff ...

IPParalegals' reputation as the industry leader in providing quality-assured patent, trademark and copyright prosecution paralegal services is a distinction we tirelessly maintain.

Our IP prosecution infrastructure, purpose-built from the ground up and forged from over thirty years of real hands-on knowhow, guarantees exclusive use of best practices which are the very foundation of IPParalegals' error-free work.

Specifically, in a world full of inflated sales fluff promoting cost savings, there is but one statistic that truly matters: spanning four decades of prosecuting IP, IPParalegals has never ... ever ... lost an unrecoverable date.

That's accountability you can physically bank on.


... all at affordable rates

Affordable doesn't mean dirt cheap. With dirt cheap, you get dirt. We don't do dirt. We do IP prosecution, and we do it at the highest level.

Instead of positioning ourselves as a low-balling divestiture built to acquire volume clients for a repurposed LPO firm, e-Discovery document reproduction house or litigation software group, IPParalegals offers prosecution-centric business relationship options that make sense:

  • flat-fee rates for matter filing & renewals;
  • hourly prosecution rates;
  • budget-conscious SynergyPlan™ retained services subscriptions;
  • project-based quantity discounts;
  • abiding interpersonal communication;
  • fully Itemized & audited invoices.

Real Expertise

Rather than publish a laundry list of buzzwords and filing processes that we claim to be familiar with, we invite you to visit The IPParalegal Institute. As founders, benefactors and lead instructors, our working IP professionals authored the entire curriculum.

Feel free to fully explore the online campus and download the Course Catalog, examining each course's syllabus. What you will see is a synopsis of our capabilities. We practice what we teach.

IPParalegals' "experts" were patent & trademark prosecution educators before Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web browser. We are true masters of the craft who know this stuff, inside and out, on a scientific level. No other IP paralegal services firm comes close.

Genuine Flat Fees

Flat-fee services that yield bulletproof results are something bulk preparation houses can't afford to do. As sales driven operations, they are prone to cutting corners to meet production quotas.

Not IPParalegals. We provide detailed paralegal work that is QA inspected from top to bottom. Once the initial consultation is completed (≈15 minutes) and all supplied items are confirmed as file-ready, our flat fee work then does the rest:

  • Full document preparation;
  • Forward the matter to attorney for review;
  • Finalize & file application electronically;
  • Report the filing;
  • Handle formality documents to complete filing requirements;
  • Process the filing receipt; and
  • Report everything to the attorney.

No surprises ... no compromises ... no drama.

Step outside of the repurposed LPO / e-Discovery box. Contact us to learn
how real prosecution paralegal experience benefits both you and your clients.

Intellectual Property Services
Intellectual Property Services

To the Rescue

As triage specialists who are eminently experienced at helping new clients rescue matters from bad situations, IPParalegals presents our critically acclaimed file repair services. We'll root out the possible recovery solutions after full file disclosure, then proactively assist you in the damage control process.

If you need a firm that can be trusted to make things right and keep things right, then you need IPParalegals.

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