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Why Choose IPParalegals?

Results: IPParalegals leverages generations of established resources and rock solid infrastructure to reliably provide everything from filing, renewals and annuity maintenance through advanced analysis and nonlawyer prosecution.

Accuracy: We have the resources and infrastructure in place right now to reliably provide everything from docketing through advanced non-lawyer prosecution. You can expect stability, diligent communication, unrelenting attention to detail and disciplined matter management.

Integrity: IPParalegals doesn't rely on proprietary web search bots to cut costs. We rely on state of the art, globally integrated database tools wielded by decades of live fire expertise to efficiently research, file and prosecute matters worldwide without taking shortcuts.

Security: Each client’s matter is handled in complete isolation to preserve confidentiality. TLS encrypted data transfers, ISO 27001 certified data storage (insured to $1M) and full PCI DSS anti-fraud compliance ensures the utmost safety of client information. U.S. files never leave the U.S.

Value: As true industry pioneers, IPParalegals have been committed to providing 'best of the best' direct service and support for more than a quarter century. Premium service at competitive rates means you can afford to have it done right the first time.


Kirk Dorius
   (Dorius IP Law)
Dr. Elizabeth R.Hall
   (Elizabeth R. Hall & Associates, P.C.)
Michael K. Henry, Ph.D.
   (Henry Patent Law Firm PLLC)
Jerry Keys, Kelly Kordzik
   (Partners, Matheson Keys & Kordzik PLLC)
Bernard Nutt
   (Patent Attorney, Pizzeys, Australia)
Frank Peterreins
   (Managing Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C. Munich Office)
Tom Pruitt
   (Tom F. Pruitt PLLC)
University of Texas at Dallas
   (Office of Technology Commercialization)
Keith A. Vogt
   (Keith Vogt, Ltd.)
Jeff Wendt
   (The Wendt Firm PC)


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Intellectual Property Services

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