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IPParalegals Press Release

DALLAS, TX – Created to meet the educational needs of a highly technical Intellectual Property industry, Dallas/Fort Worth based IPParalegals has publicly released its IPconnect blog site.

IPconnect discloses the myriad process techniques and best practices that facilitate patent, trademark and copyright prosecution worldwide. But getting the word out is merely where it begins. While most blogs are designed to publish journals or commentary, IPconnect will focus more on being an interactive classroom.

“Following months of testing we are pretty excited to have IPconnect finally make its public debut” announced Viola Ange, IPParalegals founder and the driving force behind IPconnect.

 “In the quarter century I’ve been doing this, critical ‘how-to’ information that patent, trademark and copyright paralegal professionals need to do their jobs has become a vault of closely guarded secrets” Ms. Ange explains. “We intend to blow all that up and make this a place where true industry professionals can come together and raise the collective IP IQ.”

IPParalegals’ technology director Christopher John elaborates. “IPconnect compliments the IPParalegals mobile CLE training structure nicely. Each article is presented like a mentoring session, followed by Q&A with attendees in the article’s comments. Registered IPconnect bloggers can participate in the post-article discussions while anyone can view them and subscribe to their RSS feeds.” Adds Chris, “We dubbed the service CoT (Classrooms over Time) and are eager to take it to the next level.”

To support this challenge, IPconnect features three main blogging categories: From The Expert’s Quill, Workaround Workshop and Press Releases.

From The Expert’s Quill is a tutorial center where real-world IP prosecution process and workflow discussions take place. Workaround Workshop (a more detailed variation of From The Expert’s Quill) uncovers less-publicized remedies to specific process issues, and is keenly focused on helping IP professionals improve their craft. Press Releases is where white papers, interviews and milestones are announced.

IPconnect is a tip of the sword application. A refreshingly straightforward resource with the potential to define how on-the-job technical training happens in a highly specialized community of practice. As new endeavors go, it appears that IPParalegals’ vision of hosting the preeminent online colloquium for IP practitioners and professionals is well on its way.

IPconnect is owned and operated by IPParalegals, a full-service IP Prosecution Paralegal Services firm located in the Dallas, TX area. Viola Ange currently serves on the advisory board for the Center for American and International Law located in Plano, Texas. As a charter member of CAIL’s Non-Lawyer Professional Group Steering Committee, Ms. Ange is a recognized CLE instructor and IP industry authority.

Viola Ange may be reached for comment via email at or from her company website.

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